…good health is not the absence of illness; it is understanding and practicing illness prevention.

Midtown Urology Health and Education Foundation

 (The Atlanta Community’s Source for health and Medical Education)


The Midtown Urology Health and Education Foundation (MUHEF) is a non-profit organization established to address the health disparities facing minority communities.  Our mission is to foster a progressive interest in the overall health of the medically underserved in the Atlanta metropolitan area and the state of Georgia by facilitating educational seminars, health screenings, peer counseling, and clinical research development.  To carry out this mission, we have a series of community service programs.

Health Education Seminars:

The purpose of the Health Education Seminars is to educate medically disadvantaged persons in areas of medicine that are most pertinent to their health disparities.  We encourage preventive health-care initiatives and promote awareness of health risks.  Each month focuses on a topic in one of the following areas: urology, gynecology, cardiology, mental health, pulmonary diseases, oncology, pediatrics, gastrointestinal diseases, exercise science, and nutrition.  These topics are significant to our target audience because they have the highest morbidity and mortality rates for diseases in such fields. The seminars are free of charge.  

Peer Counseling Groups:

The primary purpose of the peer counseling groups is to provide emotional support by promoting acceptance and fostering individual change.  Evidence suggests that support groups are more effective if the members share a similar experience and can freely share the experience, without the burden of a lecture or bombarding them with educational facts and statistics.   All peer counseling groups are open to the public and free of charge.

  • The Brotherhood – SMART Lives: This support group entitled Surviving Men Actively Reclaiming Their (SMART) Lives is a men’s health initiative of the foundation.  This group primarily serves prostate cancer survivors and their family members with a secondary option to provide peer support.  The group meetings are designed to teach practical life applications of information gained from health related research, such that prostate cancer survivors live a long and healthy life. In addition, the program educates the family and friends of prostate cancer survivors on disease prevention through healthy lifestyle modifications.
  • For Sisters Only: For Sisters Only is a program that teaches female cancer patients techniques to help restore their self esteem by restoring their self-image after cancer treatment. Cosmetic professionals volunteer to teach women make-up techniques, hair care, and care for wigs.

Outreach Health Fairs

The Outreach Health Fair program is designed to specifically target those who are at a greater risk for developing certain health disorders, but have limited access to health-care.  The focus is awareness of health-care opportunities and preventive health-care.  Among the leading causes of death for African Americans are heart disease, diabetes, HIV, and hypertension.  In view of this, screenings are offered for hypertension, obesity, diabetes, vision, dental, and heart risk assessments, as well as prostate and colorectal cancer.  The target audience for the health fairs is African-American, middle aged, and elderly persons.  All screenings are free of charge.  Visit http://www.champsga.org for more information.



The necessity of providing health-care to the medically underserved in the state of Georgia is often overlooked.  Most people in this target population are not afforded medical care essential to remaining in good health.  In many cases, the underserved do not get routine checkups and many of them will ignore early symptoms of disease.  This negligence of medical attention usually continues until the pain or condition becomes unbearable.  In the case of prostate cancer, unbearable pain may signal disease in an advanced stage and may therefore be incurable.

Dr. James K. Bennett, the founder of Midtown Urology, has made a life-long commitment to improving the quality of life of people in need.  Since the inception of Midtown Urology, Dr. Bennett has instituted many practices to give back to his community.  He participates in health fairs where he distributes vouchers for free prostate screenings as well as donates company money to scholarship funds.

Dr. Jenelle E. Foote  the Vice- President of Midtown Urology also parallels this dedication and passion to service the community. As  a physician, Dr. Foote  gave medical care to prison inmates and troubled women, while her position as a preceptor allows her to encourage future doctors to incorporate selfless methods in their own practice.

After over 20 years in business, Midtown Urology aims to altruistically give back to the community.  Midtown Urology has gone beyond the basic commitment of just providing quality health-care in the community, but also by serving the community.  All services provided are free of charge to the participants.  It is the goal of Midtown Urology Health and Education Foundation to lead the fight against health disparities in underserved medical communities in the state of Georgia.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the services we provided or your organization would like to collaborate with MUHEF, please contact:

Midtown Urology Health and Education Foundation

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